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Shree Vrindavan Bihari Trust is formed for Charity purpose in Shri Dham Vrindavan, registered with sub registrar Mathura. It is registered with Income Tax Department u/s 12A of Income Tax Act and got approval of 80G of Income Tax Act for getting donation from general public in india . It is also registered with Niti Ayog of Government of India.
The By The grace of Lord Shri Banke Bihari Ji, The Trust is serving to stray, abandoned cows , bulls, retired oxen, and orphaned calves roaming on the road in the parikrama of Vrindavan by providing them food, shelter and medical facility. We are also serving thousands of monkey by feeding them daily corn, cucumber, chana, fruits & other vegetables for their lives. We are feeding khichdi prasad to vaishnav sadhu saint and mata ji living in Shri Dham Vrindavan who pray for all of us at bhajanashram, near Yamuna, Nidhivan. We arrange Special Dish like kheer, Aamras( Mango Shake), sarvat at special day like Ekadashi and arrange Bhandara at Dwadashi and also provide some Dakshina (money) for their future saving.

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Shree Vrindavan Bihari Temple Sewa Trust

Make a difference in the life of an abandoned bovine with Shree Vrindavan Bihari Sewa trust
A cow is the most sacred animal in Hinduism, and she needs your help. Join Shri Vrindavan Bihari Trust for the protection and care of abandoned cows and make a difference.
Did you know that in India, there are more than 40 million cows at high risk of abandonment or have already been abandoned on the streets? That's more than the population of Australia! With your help, we can create a better future for these bovines.
Trust working for the protection and care of abandoned cows
Shree Vrindavan Bihari Sewa Trust is a non-profit organization that works towards rehabilitating stray cattle by providing them with medical treatment and proper care. We are also involved in sensitizing people on the importance of caring for abandoned cows.
Shree Vrindavan Bihari Sewa Trust was formed to give an outlet to people who are willing to do something to help not just the abandoned cows but all other animals that have been abandoned on the street. This includes bulls, oxen, calves, and even monkeys.
Cows and other animals that are listed here play a prominent role in the Hindu religion. At Vrindavan Bihari, you can not only donate your money and do annadan, but you can also volunteer to work at the Shri Vrindavan Bihari.
The importance of care
All cows deserve love and care - just like people do! When you see an abandoned cow, you should help them out. You can bring them food, water, or anything else they need. But most importantly you should bring them, love!
The right tools to make a difference
We provide these bovines with medical treatment, shelter, food, and accurate knowledge about their utility to humans. We believe that we must collectively work towards the rehabilitation of these homeless animals by providing them with love and care, so they can be safe from hazards like hunger, illness, injury, abuse, or death. How you can help us:
Donate today to support Banke Bihari trust Vrindavan mission — we need your help as we take on this noble cause! You can also volunteer to work at the Shree Vrindavan Bihari Trust. Reach out to us without hesitation, as we always need more hands to help us in our noble mission.