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Ashram Land Donation –Shree Vrindavan Bihari Trust

In the Mahabharata, the greatness of land donation to Yudhishthira has been told by Bhishma and Shri Krishna. They say – O Pandunandan! Now I will describe the best land donation. The man who gives alms to a brahmana with a delightful role of dakshina, is at that time satisfied with all pleasures, adorned with all the gems and free from all sins, as radiant as the sun. That majestic man goes to my world by a divine vimana adorned with strange flags, illuminated like the morning sun. For there is no gift greater than the gift of land, and there is no greater sin than taking away the land. Kurushreshtha! The virtues of other donations get depleted after getting time, but the virtues of land donation never get eroded. By donating the land one gets renewable virtue, whatever sin a person commits due to circumstance, it gets destroyed by donating the land. Many excellent results are obtained from this donation. God says By donating land to a Brahmin, all the gods, Surya, Shankar and I are all pleased. Yudhishthira! The giver, who has become pure minded by the virtue of donating land, resides in my supreme abode – there is nothing to think about in this. Whatever sin a man commits due to lack of livelihood, he gets rid of it even by donating land. One month of fasting, performing Krichha and Chandrayana fasting, which is virtuous. The person who donates the earth, as if donating trees with various types of flowers and fruits, and groups of lotuses and utpalas. Those who worship the deities through yajnas consisting of dakshina, Agnistom etc. The man who donates land to a brahmin, his ancestors remain satisfied till the time of Mahapralaya. By making ‘Shree Vrindavan Bihari Trust’ a medium, you will become an officer of that powerful service by donating land in Brij. For which the grown sages and sages also yearn.

On the amount of land you donate to Shree Vrindavan Bihari Trust, till the construction of the ashram, service to such innumerable creatures will be done by you yourself, which we cannot see and who are dependent on us. The virtue that comes from bathing in all the pilgrimages is attained by donating the land. Yamraj’s messengers do not wander near the person who has donated the land. And by donating land in a land like Brij, its glory increases even more. No living being is ordinary in Vrindavan, he must have been a sage of previous birth who has sought the abode of Brij by doing penance. So do you know in what disguise the feet of any godly devotee should fall on your donated land? So let us donate land in Brij through ‘Shree Vrindavan Bihari Trust’ and get the good fortune of serving all the living beings for which even Brahma yearns.


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